The hotel

Villa Calandrino Hotel distinguishes itself by the elegant furnishings and the high quality location: immersed in the relaxing and peaceful countryside, a few minutes’ drive from the beach and the lively old town of Sciacca with its spa.
The red of the sunset, the green of the grass, the blue of the sea: these are the colors of Sicily that make Villa Calandrino Hotel the perfect place for those who look for a relaxing and fun holiday, or enjoying their stay with the family.
Enjoy a holiday in Villa Calandrino in order to satisfy the 5 senses: surrounded by the scents of citrus plantation, guests can savor Sicilian products in our breakfast room, while admiring the view of Mediterranean sunsets and seeing in the distance the coast of contrada Foggia near the mouth of the river, and  listening to the sound of nature.

Staying at Villa Calandrino Hotel means being surrounded by the atmosphere the guests look for, thanks to the comfortable and elegant rooms with a private balcony, the swimming pool and the sunbathing area, the wide garden with an historical fountain near a refined gazebo, the breakfast room and bar, the private parking, the reading room, the TV room and the common comfortable and functional areas with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, transfer to the beach which is a few minutes away from the structure.


The property, situated in the Giardino Del Calandrino, is named after the French family who owned the plot during the Middle Ages. The building is a fine example of an elegant country residence built in the early nineteenth century, probably by the cav. Vincenzo De Stefani Falco “a refined connoisseur of architecture and painting”.  The symmetry of the walls plan and the main façade show the special care of the execution and the project.
Situated in a prosperous countryside, in the past it was the favorite destination for Sunday walks and visiting, thanks to the characteristics of the healthy locations and the beautiful landscape.
Walking down to the path, on the left side of the Villa, and going along the citrus plantations, guests will immediately see the trimmed building with a precious gazebo that has a series of stone seats within its perimeter, a place where people used to pleasantly spend their time. The perfectly square gazebo is made up of three round symmetrical arches, decorated with stucco bas-reliefs.

From this spot guests can enjoy the view with the stone fountain which is partially buried on one side and supported by buttresses with volutes on the other side. A mermaid sculpture emerges from the center of all painted in red the basin.
As walking down the garden, the path turns into a promenade of more than sixty meters, bordered by a double row of brick pillars surmounted by some iron arches that once supported a beautiful pergola.
The avenue runs along the “the five tangerine trees garden” that overshadow a small spot surrounded by stone and sandstone benches of which affects the shape of the back consisting of a series of stone arches.


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